Our very first ‘TOGETHER DAY’!

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On Saturday, April 6, Toronto Mass Choir hosted our very first TOGETHER DAY at All People’s Church in Brampton. 

TOGETHER DAY is an intensive one-day experience for people who love to sing Gospel music. This was also a great opportunity for people who may not be able to make a multi-day experience like PowerUp  (www.powerupgospel.ca) or perhaps wanted to extend their PowerUp 2019 experience!

Approximately 20 people gathered at 1:00 pm for a vocal session led by Karen Burke and supported by Daniel Cowans (keys).  They learned helpful vocal tips and several Gospel songs, focussing on specific aspects of Gospel performance practice.  At 6 pm, they met up with the Toronto Mass Choir for a 2-hour rehearsal learning additional new music (for everyone!).  So exciting to hear everyone together!

At the end of the evening, each participant was presented with their own ‘Certificate of Participation’ and a stunning photo was taken by TMC’s awesome photographer, Mike Hwang of ‘Oh Happy Day’ photography, accurately capturing the exuberance of everyone together after a great day!

It was an awesome privilege getting to know with these enthusiastic singers and all of TMC looks forward to the next TOGETHER DAY experience.  Will you be there?

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