Recap: Power Up 2018!!

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Ahh…another year of Power Up is officially in the books! It was a great year with over 200 registrants and a full house at the finale concert. If you missed it, no worries! I’m about to give you the quick update on everything, so you know not to miss it next year!

Power Up is such a wonderful resource for vocalists, instrumentalists, the budding songwriter, or for just the Mom who wants to get her dance skills up — everything related to music, you will find a class here and be in a safe and encouraging environment to try things out. Our clinicians are the best of the best in Toronto, and with over 25 different workshops taking place all day Friday and Saturday, there’s something for everyone.

I usually try to hit up the vocal workshops and peek into the instrumental workshops, but I live for the mass choir rehearsals. Gospel choirs have such a unique sound already, can you imagine the sound from a choir of all 200 registrants? It’s unbelievable! And the fact that we go from knowing nothing to performing in a concert not even 2 days later is awesome!

It’s at this finale concert on the Sunday night where we get to show off what we’ve learned — everyone invites their friends and families to see what they’ve been up to. This night is jam-packed with all the best parts of the weekend— the Power Up Youth Choir, the Power Up Chorale and of course, the Workshop Mass Choir. Joining the Mass Choir in performance this year was Toronto’s own Patricia Shirley, Nicole Sinclair-Anderson and Andy Cherry — they blew the roof off the place!! The choir was live, guys — did I mention I loved the choir?! And of course, TMC had our own set, including guest artist and MC for the night, Rob Greene.

After it’s all said and done, It’s amazing to see how much people are impacted by the weekend. For many it’s their first experience being immersed in gospel music and the result is undeniable. For others, it’s a time to refresh the skills they already have — see?? Power Up is for everybody and anybody.

To see what was offered in 2018 (cuz you’re for sure gonna come, right?), go to Next season will be the 15th anniversary of Power Up (Feb. 22-24, 2019), so you know we’re gonna pull out all the stops! Come out and be blessed! Can’t wait to see you there 🙂

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